Tom Hollandis living an amazing life online.

The Spider-Man has no way home star, 25, has caught the attention of his fanbase after he cheekily liked a post about sex by the publication Lad Bible on Instagram. 

The post, shared on Thursday, Dec. 23, featured an image of Arnold SchwarzeneggerAnd Danny DeVitoFrom the 1988 movie Twins A tag reading: “According science, shorter men have more sexual sex.”

When the hilarious Instagram like was captured and shared by the Instagram page CommentsByCelebs, Holland’s fans quickly swung into action in the comments section to share their thoughts. 

“i feel like tom forgets he‘s famous,” one fan commented. 

A second addition was “TOM SAY YUP !!!”

A third person sent support by writing “We love and respect you, our little king.”

Conversations about Holland, who is 5-foot-8, and his height were few and far between until it was revealed this summer that he began dating his Spider-Man co-star, ZendayaHe is two inches taller than him.