Tom Hanks 3 Favorite Film Roles Might Surprise You

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There is more to life than just a box full of chocolates. Tom Hanks

Oscar nominee Bill Simmons sat down to discuss his favorite movies from 40 years of working in Hollywood with The Bill Simmons Podcast on Nov. 10. With nearly 100 films on his résumé and two Oscars, he has a lot to cherry-pick from, but the big ones that stand out have special ‘personal’ meaning.

Tom related his story to the host Bill SimmonsThat 1992 was the year that I started working. A League of Their Own was like being a kid again.

He stated, “All that I did during the summer was to play baseball.” I swam with flies. “I ate turkey dogs. I had infield. Robin KnightThere were a lot more. All summer, I played baseball at Wrigley Field and Evansville in Indiana.

He is an actor who was married to a musician and actress. Rita Wilson since 1988, continued, “I had all my kids with me, I had all my family with me….We lived in a house in the middle of cornfields… It was a great summer, and my entire family still speaks about it.”