On the podcast, Hailey confirmed that growing up around people in recovery gave her insight into supporting her husband on his journey to sobriety.

“I believe even an open dialog of, “Hey! Where are you with this?” would be helpful. She said that being honest is key. She said, “I have had moments where I was nervous. [asking Justin]Ask, “Are You OK to Do This?” Because you did have a time in your life where it was not OK for you and it was like, a dark time for you. He is very self-aware and very honest about this. That is what I really want.

On his docuseries, Justin recalled that he “decided” to stop abusing substances because he “felt like I was dying.” 

He recalled that “my security and stuff would enter my room at night, to check my pulse,” said he. People don’t realize how severe it became. It was legit crazy scary. It was terrifying. I woke up every morning to find that I had been taking pills, smoking a blunt, and was ready for the day. The whole thing was getting scary. The fear was overwhelming.