Cruise New Condo Address

He’s a Hollywood star, sex symbol. a Scientologist, and now the owner of a two floor luxury condo in Clearwater, Florida. Clearwater is a small coastal city with a little more than 100,000 inhabitants that’s north of Tampa and St. Petersburg and, more importantly, home to Scientology’s ‘Flag Building’, one of the most important buildings in the controversial church.

Previous Cruise Property Holdings

Of course, Cruise has a long history when it comes to buying real estate and he’s bought and lived in properties in Beverly Hills, Telluride (Colorado) and New York city. He also has a country home in the United Kingdom which is also conveniently located nearby Scientology’s British headquarters. Cruise has reportedly sold two of his homes recently -one in California and another in New York- for a combined total of 55 million USD.

At any rate, it is believed that the star of ‘Mission Impossible’, ‘Born on the Fourth of July’, ‘Jerry Maguire’ and many other Hollywood films is using his new Clearwater condo as his main residence. It’s the penthouse suite and the 9th and 10th floors of a building called The Skyview.

Once again, the Scientology connections are strong: The Skyview was built by Moises Agami, a Mexican developer who comes from a prominent and very wealthy family of Scientologists.


Scientology Real Estate

Scientology has many property holdings in Clearwater, having first moved in in 1975 using the fake name “United Churches of Florida” and purchasing the Fort Harrison Hotel and the city’s bank building. These days it’s common to see large groups of Sea Org members (The Sea Org is scientology’s religious order) making their way from Scientology building to Scientology building in buses that are also owned by the church.

The Penthouse

It is believed that the penthouse apartment suite of The Skyview was always intended to be a residence for Tom Cruise, whose adopted son Connor has already been living a lavish lifestyle in Clearwater for some time and can be spotted racing around town in a bright yellow GT Mustang. The Tom Cruise penthouse suite is quite luxurious also, and has an infinity pool, hot tub, bar, flight simulator, nine parking spots, car elevator, and solarium among its amenities. As for the building itself, it is a remodelling and extension of what was once the Amsouth Bank building, so anyone wondering what the new Tom Cruise Address is will be glad to know that it’s ‘400 Cleveland Street, Clearwater’.

Again, Cruise will be living close to the Scientology Flag building. Otherwise known as the ‘Super Powers Building’;  this is the site where wealthy, high profile Scientologists must come to take expensive courses related to training their “perceptics”, a Scientology term for what adherents believe are the 57 different senses. The new Tom Cruise Home is literally two blocks away from the Clearwater Flag building.