The NFL’s star said, “That’s what my children’s reality is.”

Tom said that it’s important for him and Gisele to “create experiences that are along the lines of what most kids go through,” but knows they’ll enjoy things “that a lot of kids never do have.”

Tom said that “it’s difficult to make these things up too.” “I can’t say ‘Hey, we’re gonna go back and live on Portola Drive in San Mateo (Tom’s hometown).’ This is a very difficult thing for privacy reasons.

He continued, “I don’t know what the right answer is as a parent.” He continued, “There are many things that I still need to learn…I’m aware of how I have screwed things up.” This is the truth of parenting.

Tom believes that his children should see the “luxury” that makes their life easier. However, Tom also stated that he does not believe that every child goes through that. That’s our biggest challenge as parents.