It’s all about the fields, and now it’s the beaches.

Tom BradyAnd his wife Giselle Bundchen On Friday, February 11, they were photographed walking with their dog along Costa Rica’s beach. Brazilian models and a former quarterback of football were seen walking side-by-side, with smiles all around. Tom was wearing a white T-shirt with grey sneakers and grey shorts, while Gisele wore black pants with black sandals.

A few days prior to the big day, the couple went on a relaxed stroll. Super Bowl LVI in Los Angeles, Calif. Tom is now more relaxed than he did in previous years.

In an Instagram message on February 1, Tom informed football fans across the country that Tom’s time with the sport was ending. Tom stated that he loved his NFL football career, but he will now focus his energy and time on things that require his attention.