These 10 Celebrity Homes Site at The Top of These Entrepreneur’s Vision Boards

We’ve all done it. Flicked through magazines feigning pictures of endless luxurious celebrity homes, and dreamt that one day we’d be able to live like that. With the internet being used so frequently all over the world right now, and celebrities regularly uploading posts of their homes onto Instagram, it’s literally never been easier to flick through homes that we think of as unobtainable for the rest of the living world. Even if you can’t afford a multi-million multi-billion mansion with ten bedrooms, a downstairs cinema and a heated swimming pool, have you ever thought about the ways that you could make your current home seem more expensive? You don’t have to break the bank to make your home look pricy with these tips and tricks.

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Start with the Front Door

If you really think about it, what’s the first thing that people notice before even stepping foot over the premise of your home? That’s right, your front door. Not only does it play a major part in helping to make your home secure, but it actually makes a huge difference to the way the exterior of your house is perceived by others. It ultimately improves your curb appeal by an enormous amount.

A large, heavy, and statement coloured front door is something that immediately oozes luxury, and makes your home appear immediately more expensive than it possibly is. The first thing, is to make sure you go for a good quality wood, and have it painted a rich colour. We will get onto rich colours in more detail a little later, but by making your front door the statement piece of your home, it will make it appear incredibly fancy. Colours to consider are deep royal blues, mahogany woods, and forest greens. All of which, are complimented perfectly by gold and brass door handles, numbers and even letterboxes. You can paint it and buy the accessories yourself; it doesn’t have to be costly! The key is to make it look expensive. 

Adorn Your Home with Flowers

Nothing freshens up a room more in scent and appearance, than a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers acting as the centrepiece. It can be in your living room on the coffee table, in the centre of your dining table, or even in the kitchen. Wherever you want to put them, they’ll lift a room. 

There is something that is always charming about bringing the outdoors in. It could be to do with the way it reconnects your home with nature, or possibly the way it makes your home look almost exotic. One thing is for sure, it’s a cheap and cheerful way to make your home look more expensive. Plus if you opt for flowers that smell wonderful too, you’ll just enhance this even more so.

There is luxury to be found in bouquets of flowers, sure, but they absolutely don’t have to cost you a fortune. Most supermarkets sell beautiful bunches of flowers, and if it’s cheaper to do so, why not buy a few different types, get creative, and make your own beautiful bouquet? Likewise, houseplants are a great alternative, because they are a more permanent fixture in the home and of course, live longer if you look after them right. They also purify the air you breathe, which makes your living environment healthier too. The more you know!

Set a Theme Throughout Your Home

As previously mentioned, rich colours of course connote luxury, but how is best to incorporate them into your house as a whole? Well, one of the best things you can do, is set a theme that runs throughout the house in its entirety.

Start with a rich, deep colour, and then a patter than goes with it. Choose what statement piece in each room will be this colour. Will it be one wall, furnishings, the carpet, the sofa? It’s really up to you. Of course you’ll need a more neutral accent colour to compliment it, such as creams and stone shades. 

Material wise, you really can’t go wrong with woods and metals. There is a shade of each to match every colour scheme out there, just make sure you pick the right one for you.

Last of all, you could look at investing in a really high quality, beautiful rug for the main room in the house. Nothing compliments a room, looks more classy or appears more expensive than a soft and heavy statement rug. You will be the envy of your neighbours in no time.