CelebHomes: In the meantime, you had odd jobs that could be used to earn money.

T: I decided New York was far too cold, moved back to California and was doing the most random jobs. It was marketing and sales for cannabis companies. And I will never forget—I was at a weed conference and I remember calling my mom in the bathroom, “Mom, can you look up what indica and sativa means? I would appreciate it if you could text me. Then she said, “It isn’t the job for me.”

CelebHomes – Then came the pandemic and all of the work was gone. 

T: I was like, “Oh, God, I’m going to have to move home anyway, I might as well give TikTok a go.” The second time I recorded my first video I realized that I had been wrong. Being on camera is something that I enjoy. Although I may not look like an actor or supermodel, it doesn’t bother me that I do have something and this is how I communicate with people. Since then, it’s been quite a wild ride.