Jane CampionThe acceptance speech of ‘Best Director’ at the 2022 Critics’ Choice Awards received negative online reactions, with many users calling her remarks “a joke.”unnecessary.”
The award was presented to the filmmaker, aged 67, for 2021’s film. Dog Power. Jane turned her attention to the tennis players, even though she thanked her nominees at the beginning of her speech. Venus Williams Serena Williams, whose lives were the basis for the movie, King Richard, An additional film has been nominated.
Jane: “Venus, Serena! You’re so marvellous!” said. “But, you don’t play against men, as I do.” Her comments were met with applause from the in-person audience—but received a completely different reaction from social media once her speech circulated online.
She managed, “In one stroke she managed to 1) reduce the racism and the sexism Venus/Serena encountered from the very beginning of their careers up until now,” said a film critic. Carolyn Hinds tweeted, adding that Jane dismissed “the blood, sweat and tears they’ve shed to EARN the awards and accolades they’ve received. Why? To prop herself up?”