Wife of a Time Traveleris dealing with some current-day criticism. 

Theo JamesAnd Rose Leslie star in the new HBO Max adaptation of Audrey NiffeneggerA 2003 novel written by, featuring Henry (James), an individual with a rare genetic disorder that makes him time travel unpredictablely and Clare Leslie (Leslie), who must adapt to his new world. 

Henry visits the past to spend time with Clare when she was a child. This raises red flags about Henry’s grooming of Clare to become his wife. Grooming involves the building of emotional trust and connection in order to exploit someone later, most often in an abusive or exploitative way.

The plot has been criticized by critics. Critics have criticized the plot point. San Francisco Chronicle‘s Carla Meyer wrote in her review: “With its Twilight“An obtuse, stale worldview and lack of adventure. An alleged love story which is more like a grooming tale.”

RogerEbert.com‘s Nandini Balial agreed, writing: “the pair strike up what the series would like to call a friendship, but I prefer to think of it as straight-up grooming. Ages 6-18 [Clare]She, in her own words describes how she shapes Henry’s libido.