Marc Anthony and Nadia FerreiraYou are saying, “I need you!” AndYou can trust me.

CelebHomes News has photos of the lavish celebration at Sexy Fish Miami where they celebrated their engagement on May 12th.

Nadia, 23 and Marc, 53 looked smitten when they arrived at the restaurant. A group of their friends were ready to raise a glass for them next step. CelebHomes News exclusive: An eyewitness tells CelebHomes News.

The couple managed to find some time for one-on-1 moments even though they were enjoying an exciting night out with their friends.

They walked to the restaurant’s balcony several times while they were eating. The eyewitness noted that the couple smiled, laughed, talked very close, and looked extremely happy.

Nadia shared multiple shots of the party on Instagram Story. She also posted a closeup photo of her diamond ring. Nadia captioned her moment with “Engagement Party !!!””