It’s been known to the music industry and the public that many Rap, Hip-Hop, and R&B artists/producers manage to live it up. Even Timothy Mosley, or commonly referred to as “Timbaland.” Timbaland has been around for a couple of decades. From the moment he picked up music production to today, he’s been working alongside various well-known and acclaimed artists. Jay-Z, Madonna, and Justin Timberlake are just to name a few. Timbaland’s music success eventually led him into scoring a whopping 3,979 sq ft pad in Miami Beach, FL in 2006 for $2.625 million. Now, he’s trying to sell the condo for $5.5 million even.

I guess Timbaland’s done his time there. One thing’s certain; the music world continues to keep the big huggable wolf busy. Timbaland’s former place is a 3 bed and 4.5 bath. Place was built in 2003 and is located very high in the Murano Grande. And let me tell you, the location of this condo offers a grande view! The new owner(s) would be treated to a skyline view of the surrounding body of water, harbored boats, and a distant broad landscape of Miami itself. Just don’t look down. Condo’s conveniently not too far east of downtown Miami.

Kitchen is packed nicely, with a stylized marble island table with built-in range, two double-stacked ovens, and a stainless steel double-door refridgerator you can sleep in. Other amenities include a security system, a very large flat screen TV, and basketball court. Also, Timbaland invested $2 million into renovations, so someone better buy!

Address: 400 Alton Rd Apt 2401, Miami Beach FL 33139