It’s not often that you hear an executive producer dabble in luxury. But, with the resume of someone who’s worked on Independence Day, The Patriot, 300, and The Hangover, they surely deserve to live like a celebrity. Bill (or William) Fay’s residence in Beverly Hills is up for sale presently. Him and his wife, Jody Fay, purchased the home in 2002 for $1.65 million. Since then, alterations were made to the casa. The house of Fay is buried within the exclusive Benedict Hills Estates. Executive Producers need their privacy too! William currently has his house listed for roughly $2.9 million.

Hangover Party Central was built in 1974 and measures 4,480 sq ft. The lot measures a considerable 16,157 sq ft. Parking type is a 2-door garage. However, the fairly wide driveway is capable of accommodating approximately 3 additional vehicles. To the right of the entrance of the driveway lies a generous bunch of foliage and a couple of 19th century-style light fixtures. As you make your way to the front door of the house, you’ll find two more light fixtures, one on each side of the aged curvy brick pathway. Be sure to watch your step! If you manage to fall in a manner where your face smacks the brick, then conjure an interesting story involving Mike Tyson.

Along both sides of the aforementioned brick pathway is more foliage, which may give off a positive ambiance. It’s not too much to the point where you feel suffocated, nor too little to the point where you’re convinced to rush to Home Depot. In fact, the entire premises is beautifully enclosed with a distinct variety of trees and vegetation. Thus, you may feel even more of a sense of seclusion and privacy. Casa de Fay weighs in at 5 bedrooms and a den/office. This is excluding a maid/guest quarters, which can be found on the first floor. You’re more than likely to first arrive at the main living room. The main living room comes furnished with a fireplace. Kitchen is also conveniently furnished with a double oven and restaurant-style stainless steel vent.

Don’t leave out the island table. which has a built-in stainless steel sink. Right next to the kitchen is an adjoining breakfast room. You also have the option of eating out back, which will be discussed further momentarily. Firstly, I want to note the neat cozy-looking little library area that contains a fireplace. Connecting to the reading area is a adequate family room. On the opposite side of the family room is another living room. So much living-it-up to be had! The whole concept of “living it up” is mostly praised by the backside of the house. Feel like a king with the tropical oasis vibe the backyard has to offer. The plant-life is just simply succulent and attractive. Backyard is complete with a Hangover-approved pool, vast BBQ space, and eye-catching patches of grass.

Address: 9676 Wendover Dr, Beverly Hills CA 90210