The estate that will be discussed momentarily may not be a Hugh Hefner mansion, but it’s a mansion in its own right. If Hugh Hefner’s mansion were to have a baby, then P Diddy’s former 7 bed and 8 bath white stallion home would be it. The glorious white mansion was actually built in 1998, which is also the same year that Sean Combs (P Diddy) purchased it. He enjoyed what luxuries the home had to offer for three years and sold it for an amusing $2.313 million. Now, the current owner(s) are selling P Diddy’s former casa for $10.9 million.

You’d think that the price may be steep. Lets see what this place is packing. The home is gated and secure via 24-hour security. There’s even security cameras inside the house! Good start, so far. With a place like this, security should be a top priority! Estate contains personal parking with a 3-door garage. The personal parking garage and the main house are all conjoined. Pretty cool, if you’d ask me. The entire premises consists of 2 floors and weighs in at 10,000 sq ft, with the lot measuring 0.69 acres. The current owner(s) invested in a significant amount of renovations, one of which includes surveilance inside the home.

Other renovations include pool/spa effects, custom light fixtures, and an expanded patio area. The pool is very big. Lets just say that the backyard area would be perfect for a Project X BBQ. This place is the epitome of entertainment, with a personal bar and movie theater. Elegant and casual dining are emphasised here as well. P Diddy’s shining high-class mansion just got bigger, far more convenient, and more luxurious. If you like to live large and have the dough, then yeah………

Address: 12055 Summit Cir, Beverly Hills CA 90210