Her tweets from the past are now back in fashion TinxSays she is more than cringing
The TikTok Star, aged 31, was born over the weekend Christina Najjar, came under fire after past social media posts—including ones where she took aim at Kim Kardashian, Tori Spelling, and other public figures by calling them “fat” and “pathetic”—resurfaced. In addition, she’s been accused of sharing controversial posts from the past several years. Tinx released a statement on her Instagram April 24 saying that she is “beyond ashamed” and “wants it to be mine.”
She wrote, “About 10 year ago, I sent some really nasty, mean and horrible tweets.” “I called people I hadn’t met fat, stupid and ugly. Kim Kardashian was even fat. This is ironic since she is the person and idol I most look up to. It made me ashamed and embarrassed to read all the replies. They are mean spirited, and I am not mean-spirited—but I used to be.”