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Thanks to TikTok we learn so much about beauty from which products are worth trying to beauty hacks that surprisingly work. Now, TikTok is helping us perfect the art of contouring with their new face contour filter which shows you exactly where you should be applying contour.

You might be thinking “I have been contouring for many years. I believe I know what to do.” But you should give it a shot anyway. Instead of putting contour right under the cheekbone, which is what many of us have been taught, the TikTok filter makes you apply it higher up on the face to give you a much more lifted look. 

Makeup artists, Mikayla Nogueira and NikkieTutorials, tried the filter and even questioned the placement of it. However, after trying the filter they were stunned at its results. Nikkie wrote it “changes everything,” while Mikayla said she was happy the filter exists. In fact, she posted a video where she contoured one side of her face with the filter and the other without and said, “the filter side genuinely looks better.”