There is no more drama with werewolves Dylan O’Brien.

The Teen Wolf alum revealed in a recent interview with Variety He has decided not to reprise Stiles Stilinski’s role in Paramount+’s forthcoming film.

Dylan said, “It was difficult,” Variety“The effort was immense.”

He said the supernatural teen drama was the first big project he ever did and that “so many people there are extremely dear to me.”

Scott McCall (played by) was the focus of the television show. Tyler PoseyStiles was Scott’s best friend and helped him to accept the fact that he is now a werewolf. Being the son of the neighborhood Sheriff, Stiles also accompanied Scott in investigating mysterious happenings in Beacon Hills.

Scott may still be able to use Stiles for the next film which will fast-forward the story of the teenage wolf. Dylan however says the movie’s development “happened very quickly” and was impossible to work with.