TikTok’s Anna Sitar and JoshBruBrubaker have finally confirmed their relationship. On Dec. 7, the social media stars posted videos verifying what their followers have long suspected: They’re dating!   

“You already know :),” Anna, a.k.a. @annaxsitar, wrote to her 11.1 million followers. Her post featured several cute clips of the couple cuddling, dancing sharing a kiss. Bru, otherwise called @bruontheradio, also told his 3.7 million followers to “act shocked” as he shared several sweet snapshots of the duo.

“Texting my family back in March,” he said. He then filmed the footage. “Hey mom, dad! I met another Michigander in L.A.” 

It’s no surprise that their fans were overjoyed about the news. “OMFG!!!!! “OMFG!!!!!” “OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT!!!” wrote one comment. “SO SO SO SO HAPPY TO U.” Added another follower, “THE INTERNET IS ABOUT TO SHATTER IN THE BEST TYPE OF WAY.”

Some others couldn’t help but celebrate with a few “Bru” puns. These included “THIS IS MOST BRUTIFUL TIKTOK” and “Omg, the wait was BRUtal.”