Four months after Huey hahaNew information is emerging regarding the TikTok star’s death, including his passing.

Sacramento County Coroner’s Office reported PeopleHuey was killed by suicide. The outlet obtained a copy of the report. It states that he was killed by a gunshot injury. 

A Sacramento Police Department spokesperson confirmed to CelebHomes News that Huey, whose last name was Ha but went by Huey Haha online, died on Oct. 25. He was 22.

His Instagram account shared a message saying “Rest In Peace Huey Ha.” “Hueyha died October 25, 2021. Every single supporter was a special person he loved and appreciated.”

To cover funeral costs and support Huey’s 2-year old daughter, a GoFundMe page has been set up Princess. Huey’s friend also used social media to express their gratitude.

“Used RIP to tell the world, but it hurts the most,” Coby Jdn HypeBoiiInstagram. We hate comedy because people only see laughs and not the things we have done or experienced. The comedy was already fun for them, but it’s not the same without you. You are our brother, we love you. See you @hueyhaha!