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The summer of 2008 Tika Sumpter wants you to rest And relax.

The American Heart Association is proud to be a part of the team that works with them. Have and the Have NotStar encourages women to deal with chronic stress and recognize the potential effects of it on heart health. 

“This topic is important to me because women struggle to prioritize their own mental wellbeing when there’s always so much going on—from family, work, health issues, finances—it is easy to put ourselves last on the to-do list,” Tika exclusively shared with CelebHomes News. I want to encourage women that they can find’me-time’ to manage stress and go for walks, meditate, journaling, or do anything else that makes them feel grateful and joyful.

Tika is also sharing her must-have Burberry products. From snacks and water bottles to hand sanitizer and hand cream, see what Tika loves below.