Tiger WoodsIt is swinging again.

The World Golf Hall of Fame athlete returned to the greens for the 2022 Masters Tournament in Augusta, Georgia, on April 7, which marks his first tournament since his recovery from a 2021 car accident.

When asked two days ago by a reporter whether he believes he can win the week ahead, the golf champ answered, “Yes.”

Tiger said that he would be back in the sport after being injured in a February 2021 car accident. “My recovery has been good; I’ve been very excited about how I’ve recovered every day,” he told reporters at a press conference. 

Tiger had fractures in his tibia and fibula, with additional injuries to the bones in his foot and ankle, Dr. Anish MahajanHarbor-UCLA Medical Center’s interim chief medical officer, Dr. Jeremy Sullivan, stated in an interview statementThe accident occurred at that time. The car crash occurred as Tiger drove to the Rolling Hills Country Club and left him with a rod inserted into his tibia, as well as screws and pins in his foot.