Anyone looking for Ireland Baldwin‘s thoughts about her dad Alec Baldwin‘s life might be surprised by her take.
On April 6, the 26-year old wrote that he received countless messages “from people who are kinda alarmingly obsessed about my father and his families,” on Instagram. “I think a lot of people assume my take on this, well here it is for free—it’s none of my business.”

The model said she had reaching a “boiling point” after receiving hundreds of “hateful” DMs about all aspects of her personal life, including her body image and her relationship with her father. 

Ireland wrote, “My parents were very helpful in me life.” Her mom is an actress. Kim Basinger. “My mom is the one who has always told me how strongly she believes in me. I tried so many different versions of the person that they expected me to become.

Alec’s wife and Ireland made the statement a little over two weeks ago Hilaria BaldwinThey announced they were expecting their seventh child together.