A little therapy is always a good idea—even for a Viking ghost from the early 1000s. 

This exclusive clip is from the episode March 3, 2009 of GhostsSamRose McIverTo help Viking Thorfinn, a therapist is hired.Devan Chandler LongHe is currently suffering with night terrors and has been struggling to get through the day. Thorfinn, a Nordic tough man who is stoic and Nordic-tough, struggles to speak up. Thorfinn insists, “Thor does not talk.” “Dream very pain.”

Using Sam as his conduit, however, he begins to open up. It was very cold. He explains that every bone in his body is aching. “Beard frozen on ice. Size of the strawberry’s rotum.

As he goes into more detail, his demeanor shifts and he becomes more demonstrative. He says, “Near fire there is rock.” It is mine. Heave it up to the top. Now I will bring it down to smash Oskar’s skull!”

The secrets begin to spill out, as Thorfinn forces Sam to tell the therapist about “brain splatter up nose,” as the the two recoil in disgust. Thorfinn tells the therapist that these nightmares are exactly the same as when he killed Oskar, the day he was best friends with.

Thorfinn’s ghostly presence gets up and storms out of the room, leaving Sam to fend for herself.