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Cruise’s talent is not just appreciated by fans. His co-stars also praised him during the CelebHomes News red carpet.

He said, “I believe we all know that he is so talented.” Jennifer ConnellyCruise’s latest love interest Penny Benjamin is played by. He is so dedicated to his work. His work is so exciting and he’s passionate. Although it isn’t a novel story, this truth really does exist.

Star added: “Tom’s just as fast as in movies.” Glen Powell, who plays a pilot trainee who goes by the call sign “Hangman.” I tried to chase him down on the beach football scene but failed. Not even close.”

Another cast member that says he was “unsurprised” by Cruise? There is none other than Jon Hamm.

Hamm stated, “He is exactly as advertised.” Hamm said, “He arrives, he’s full throttle, and prepared. He is also the hardest worker on the set, the most knowledgeable guy and the most enthusiastic guy. He is used to excellence.” He is a person who expects the best and delivers.

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