You might be interested in what other Amazon shoppers have to say about the cardigan. These reviews will help you decide.

“I’m currently replacing my wardrobe with high quality items and I was extremely pleased with my purchase. The patient rooms in my doctor’s office are often so cold that I have to work there. It will work perfectly. This is the perfect size for me. It keeps me warm in the office, yet light enough so I don’t get too hot when I leave the office. I already have additional Merokeety items on my wish list. I can safely say that I would buy it again!

It’s a great sweater to wear for work during the autumn. It fit as I expected. I ordered the large. It’s so cute that the buttons on the front snap together. Too adorable!

I liked the feel and stretch it gave me. This is a great pair of leggings. It was perfectly colored and perfect in every way. I bought it over a year ago and the material looks like new with no discoloration at all. It’s a great product.

It was perfect, as it is expected. I ordered a second in a printed version.

It’s the ideal sweater to wear for work in an office setting or at a desk. I always pull up my sleeves when wearing long sleeves, and after a few wears and washes, the sleeves are still perfect and not stretched out. The fabric is soft and lightweight, so I don’t melt in the 80-degree heat when I go to work. 

This sweater is my favorite! “I bought the sweater in black, but now I have it in three colors.”

“Highly recommend. The cardigans are great in all colors. These cardigans are flattering and comfortable, as well as easy to maintain. You can pair them with leggings and they are very long. This cardigan is a must-have!