Not good news S.W.A.T. fans: Officer Chris Alonso has left the team once and for all.

The following is a statementOn May 22nd, Lina EscoShe stated that she would not return to CBS’s series for the sixth season.

Lina stated in her statement that “Bringing to life a strong and smart bisexual character such as Chris Alonso was both a pleasure” and that it had been a great opportunity to raise visibility for all women. “Five-years later, it’s time to leave.” S.W.A.T.I am open to new opportunities in my creative pursuits. Chris is not afraid to take on the unknown. As an actor and director, Chris has never been shy about taking risks. I am excited to get out of my comfort zone, and start a new chapter.

Although this will be the end of her involvement in the crime series, it won’t mean she is going to miss them. My team is forever in my debt. S.W.A.T. family—my fellow cast, writers, and producers—for an incredible journey,” she continued. Thank you for the extraordinary S.W.A.T.Fans, thank you for being the heartbeat of this show. Thank you so much for being there for me throughout Chris’s journey.

Ok, now we are S.A.D.