Morgan StewartReady to “pop”

It Daily Pop host admitted as much during the show on Friday, Feb. 4, telling her CelebHomes News cohorts Justin SylvesterAnd Loni Love“I am so pregnant that it has been so long I don’t know how to feel right now.”

Morgan with her husband Jordan McGrawThey found out that they were pregnant with baby number 2. Two months had passed since she gave birth their first child, named a girl named Anna. Row. Now, they’re not-so-patiently awaiting the arrival of their little one just as they’re about to celebrate Row’s first birthday on Feb. 16.

Morgan admitted that there was a large part of her feeling like she’d feel complete. She also felt excited about the possibility of putting this chapter behind them. Morgan said, “Cause I am not the one that will have the third surprise child. Everybody is like “I’m only doing two!” Then, three years later, everyone is like “I’m just doing two!” We’re done. This is it.