The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics have arrived. Now is the time to freestyle, jump and glide your way to the remote control.

While some of the events began a few days earlier, the Games officially kicked off with the Opening Ceremony on Friday, Feb. 4. The National Stadium was filled with athletes from over 91 nations. And although the weather was cold, their hearts were warm with pride as they carried their flags and represented their teams.

Olympics events will go on until the Closing Ceremony, Sunday, February 20, at 20:20. So, fans will have plenty of time to cheer on their favorite sports stars as they go for the gold in events like figure skating, ski jumping, bobsled and hockey (just to name a few).

It takes just minutes to perform on stage after years of hard work. From the euphoric smiles that come with taking home a medal to the heartbreaking tears that come with a tough loss, these moments are chock-full of emotion. And, of course, you can’t forget about the everlasting friendships documented through iconic selfies with teammates.