There’s no question Olivia RodrigoSocial media twin of’s looks happy, healthy and vibrant.

TikTok users are invited to celebrate Halloween Shelby Andrade, who posts with the handle @shelbykandrade, celebrated the spooky season by sharing footage to the platform of herself lip-syncing to Olivia’s “enough for you” in a black T-shirt with braided hair. The footage shows Shelby becoming a carbon copy the cheerleader character in the “good 4 U” music video.

Other users took to the comments section to express their shock at how much the TikToker looked like Olivia in the clip. One user wrote, “You’re literally only 2% away from being her identical Twin.”

Another fan was stunned and wrote, “I literally thought this was like her secret account omg.”

This is certainly not the only celebrity doppelgänger to recently go viral. Indeed. social media users resembling such stars as Ariana Grande, Taylor SwiftAnd Harry StylesPosts highlighting their physical similarities have also been popularized recently.