You’re not the only person obsessed by this product. See these Sephora shoppers’ reviews, who were impressed with its durable, glossy finish.

Urban Decay Lip Bond Lipstick Liquid Lipstick Reviews

It’s amazing. The lipstick stays put all day, even after you eat, drink, or kiss it,” one shopper said.

Another said that she was a mind-blowing lip gloss fan. First of all, I am the type of person who is constantly biting her lips. Lip gloss can be a real problem for me. I was blown away by this product. it lasted for more than eight hours. The same color, beautiful. No words!! Simply love it!”

Another raved about it, saying “Absolutely loved the liquid lipstick!” The perfect shade of dusty rose that can last all night. It was flawless, even with a lot of drinking. I applied it before going out. This will be my favorite liquid lipstick!

A Sephora customer gushed, “Ok… this lipstick is EVERYTHING!! This lipstick is amazing. I got it for an event and it was perfect! The application was simple and it lasted hours just as I had intended. The lipstick looked glossy and rich all day. It was perfectly pigmented, even after drinking and eating. The lipstick lasted for 8 hours, and then it started to wear off on my inner lips. It’s my new favorite, and I will continue to use it!”

This lipstick is a fan favorite of mine. It is very smooth, silky and pigmented. Although it isn’t a very high shine finish, it does have a satin appearance that I absolutely love. Even though the finish is not matte, it has a remarkable durability. It was durable enough to last me 8 hours at work, and even more. This product is so beautiful, I want more!

One other person stated, “This lipstick lasts a long time.” It is extremely comfortable and transfer-proof! It is highly recommended, especially the color Text ‘Em. This beautiful and natural shade is so great! 

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