There’s a new King in Country!

Clash of the Cover Bands contestant Adam Rutledge He was his idol. Keith UrbanIn a stunning performance, “Somebody Like You”

Rutledge and his Kings of Country band rocked hard in an exclusive preview of tomorrow’s episode, airing Wednesday, Oct. 27 on CelebHomes. Rutledge was attracted to Urban’s music first because of his guitar riffs. But it was Urban’s trademark hairstyle that kept Rutledge coming back to the show. 

The judges clearly seemed to be having a great time during the show-stopping performance. Ester DeanShe dances in her seat. Meghan TrainorContinue to nod. Adam LambertEven shouted out at times! 

Dean said earlier this month that the CelebHomes News team was a good fit for Dean. Clash The crowd is most impressed by the dedication of contestants to performing their tribute acts. Dean explained, “It’s paying tribute.” “They are fans of J.Lo, and they love of Céline DionThey are fans of U2. You’re now hearing the songs and watching their dedication when another fan does the same thing.