Tony Soprano deserves a fitting ending

Six seasons have passed with the Pearson family.This is Us It came to an abrupt halt on May 24. At a press conference, the creator of the NBC Drama Series was introduced. Dan Fogelman compared one specific part of the finale to the infamous ending of The Sopranos—where Tony Soprano sits in a diner with his family, when a possible hit man enters the restaurant with the scene cutting to black. 

Fogelman’s witty comparison of the HBO family drama and the HBO mob sensation is understandable. The creator stated that Randall’s “political journey ahead” might be similar to the twist at the end of the movie. SopranosFinale of series.

You can find the This Is UsRandall (finale of’series finale)Sterling K. BrownAfter being asked by the Democratic National Committee to go to Iowa, Randall (now a senator) decides that he will head there. Fogelman stated that Randall’s political history is “probably the closest thing we get in the show”. SopranosThe episode ends with the characters going to sleep.

He said, “You can choose the adventure you want with Randall.” Randall’s next adventure is up to his audience.