Judd Apatow sensed bigger things might be ahead for daughter Maude Apatow when she had amassed 100,000 Twitter followers by the age of 14.

“We just call her @maudeapatow from now on,” the filmmaker quipped to CelebHomes News in 2012 while promoting It’s only 40, his third movie featuring his real-life kids, Maude and her younger sister, Iris Patow, playing the children of his real-life wife, Leslie Mann. People say that it is a bad idea to give your child access by strangers. And I responded, “What is better than giving your child access by 100,000 strangers?” It’s great parenting.

Of course the dos and don’ts of social media (“I teach her to block people, because in real life you have to block people”) made for a more serious conversation within the Mann-Apatow household, but it was pretty apparent that the teen had It Girl potential.

“She’s very funny and she’s kind of found her voice,” Maude’s dad said admiringly, the acknowledgment of her sense of humor perhaps the highest form of praise coming from the director-writer-producer of…well, the list is long.

Judd would remind his kids, possibly with an annoyed eyeroll, that “it’s all about the moment.” Cloud.”