A Batman is born in every generation.

The grandparents were there Adam WestThis is a campy look at 1960s TV shows. They were your parents. Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer George Clooney all suited up in the ’80s and ’90s to varying degrees of success. The millennials received the following: Christian Bale’s iconic voice in Christopher Nolan‘s genre-resetting Dark Knighttrilogie, and then to be tortured by a promise of a Ben Affleck standalone movie that never materialized after the promise he showed in Zack Snyder‘s films. 

The first trailer teaser revealed this. Matthew ReevesThis grungier version of the famous character is The Batman—Include long, unruly hair with more black eyeliner. Taylor MomsenYou wore Gossip Girl—It was obvious that Robert Pattinson was going to play a superhero for a new era.

Instead of the debonair playboy version of Bruce Wayne seen in prior films, this billionaire orphan was even more in his feelings than Drake. Reeves shares that he was inspired to do this by Kurt Cobain while writing the movie and Pattinson referring to his character as freak, naturally, the Internet was quick to dub him “Emo Batman.”