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All dog parents are convinced that their pet is the best one there is—and they’re right. No matter what breed, size, color or sex, all dogs are the best and deserve the best. It’s natural to want more information about your furry friend, especially about their origins. You might have adopted your dog from the street or rescued them from a shelter. Perhaps they were told they are a certain breed but your instincts tell you otherwise. No matter what the reason, DNA tests are a quick way to learn more about your dog’s heritage. (Yup, they look just like us too.)

The DNA My Dog Breed ID Test is a cheek swab tool that allows you to understand your four-legged friend better. DNA My Dog was awarded the GHP Biotechnology Awards Leader in Ethical Canine Genetic Testing. This report will give you detailed information about your dog’s unique characteristics. These include their DNA composition, breed mix, personality traits and predisposition to certain illnesses.