You might be still apprehensive about the idea of using a makeup remover towel without soap. Here are some Amazon reviews.

MakeUp Eraser Reviews

The other admitted that she was skeptical about the idea at first. “How can a simple cloth, with no substance, take off all of your makeup?” Only water! Although I don’t yet know the answer, it does work wonderfully. You can also remove your full-coverage foundation and waterproof mascara. The texture is super soft, and it doesn’t feel as though I am tugging on my skin. It’s big and can be used for up to a week. Then you just throw it in the washing machine. This will allow me to make so many savings! “Then, I’ll get a new one!”

Amazon customer says, “Honestly don’t know how it works but it works like magic.” You can easily remove waterproof mascara or make-up with just warm water and the eraser.

A customer shared the following: “THIS. THING. IS. AMAZING. It has given me clearer skin than I’ve ever seen. You can wipe away all of your makeup with it. It doesn’t matter if it is waterproof, you can wash off your makeup with a bit of water and some scrubbing. This is something I’ll never forget. You will not buy any other makeup remover products again!”

One other said, “I ordered it and was very skeptical. I half expected to have it returned.” I didn’t expect this tiny pinkish shamwow-looking thing to remove my makeup. At least, not very easily. You are absolutely shocked and impressed. “I’m shocked, amazed and impressed.”

One other person said, “I bought this because of some good reviews. They can’t even describe how incredible this product is.” Because I had tired of using mascara removers on my face, and having to wash my face while still having makeup. I also wanted to use toner for my face. That problem has been solved. The product does the job! It erases all makeup. It was amazing how quickly my makeup disappeared the first time that I tried it. After using it for about a week you can wash it and then use it again. It was amazing! There was no mascara left and the fabric looked great in the washing machine. This product is great and I’m going to purchase another. You should buy it. It’s amazing! You don’t need any more makeup removers!

The product was loved by me and I was ready to review it. But, boy was that wrong. The product actually works. The Neutrogena cleansing wipes work well, but the makeup remover is amazing. This stuff is amazing. It was the most terrifying thing I have ever seen. Because they used ink created by NASA, it was impossible to wash off. It’s not possible to show up at work wearing a huge robot stamp on my back. So I scrubbed and scrubbed. The Makeup Eraser was my last resort when I had no skin and the stamp still remained. This sucker almost got it all off! “I’m impressed with this product and will be buying another to replace them if they make it stop!”

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