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So many women with larger chests wish they had access to the same products that work for others. The first hurdle is the obstacle of Numerous Not being in the proper size bras. They might not be the right size, or make you feel uneasy, or are just plain not as stylish as your friend’s bras. There are also the OthersBoob products are great ideas in principle, but either they don’t work, or won’t be able to accommodate your cups. You’re probably aware of what I mean. This is what I mean by the stick-on body tapes, cutlets and other items that I have tried to use over the years, with no success. I have done it, just for fun, and was afraid to drive the items in public if something went wrong.

It’s my goal to feel and look good …. but it is not always easy. Many women who have a bigger chest understand the difficulty of trying on many different bras, trying to find the right one for them and trying again because it didn’t work. There’s also the dream of wearing a backless, unbraced dress and feeling completely at ease. Let me tell you, there’s good news. This is no longer a dream. It is a fantasy no more. Final words BrasyBra has a brab tape that works with larger cups, and it’s called BrasyBra. UndYou can choose from a range of skin tones.