What do actual Amazon customers think of this nano mister The following reviews are available.

“Great for summer. This cute little device is great for summer. It’s easy to refresh your skin by misting water onto your face.

This mister is my favorite. It was helping me with sinus pressure so I sprayed the mister on my nose. The sensation was amazing, I’m not sure why. The pain was relieved. It’s been a hit with my kids. It’s a good backup.

It was perfect right out of the package! It’s a great sanitizer sprayer. You can use it for smaller items, or any other item that you do not want to wet. It’s a great item to have with you wherever you go. I usually don’t have to refill it until after two days, and one charge lasts me about three to four days! Will order more!”

“Cozy and useful. It’s hard to believe that I found it. But, once I did, I was hooked. This product is very inexpensive and I use it as an additional step in my skin care or makeup routine. For extra moisture, I mix some water with glycerine and a few drops of serum. It is important not to overdo it as this will cause the cutie to be damaged.

This is the tool I never knew I needed. It’s like getting a professional facial with the fine cooling mist. I’m glad I purchased the 2-pack so I can keep one in my purse. It’s so wonderful that I instantly sent it to my mom. It is a great product and I highly recommend it.”

It is great if your face gets dry from contact lenses or if it isn’t moisturized enough. It helps keep my face shiny and doesn’t dry out. I also spray in my eyes when my contacts are feeling dry. This product is something I always have with me.

This turned out to have been better than what I expected. In the summer it’s great to keep in your car for misting your face or arms. I feel refreshed and my skin is left feeling nourished.”