If there’s anything siblings will do for you, it’s sharing your secrets.

KevinAnd Frankie Jonas shared several unknown facts about their fellow Jonas Brothers—JoeAnd Nick—exclusively on CelebHomes News’ Nightly PopAll, even the brother who loves to have a good time.

Frankie stated, “Joe’s the party man.” Nightly Pop‘s Morgan Stewart, Nina ParkerAnd Hunter MarchAugust 1. Having shared many memorable outings with his older brother—including attending Coachella with Joe was a kid—the now 21-year-old said he enjoys getting to “re-experience those moments but as an adult with them.”

Frankie joked with Joe that Joe might be the best at having fun, but Kevin was the worst at giving presents and telling. Nightly PopKevin used to go to Brookstone to find the best technological things.

Kevin has no hard feelings towards Frankie’s revelation, as he declared his younger brother the best uncle out of the four, a decision Frankie heavily agreed with, as he is the only one without kids.