L.L. Bean

It is a classic bag that has received 2,400+ 5 star reviews from satisfied customers and received so many praises on TikTok.

The bag is loved by many and has been described as “the best tote!” Bean Boat and Tote in different sizes. These tough and durable totes offer the highest quality and durability on the market. Strong reinforced handles are what you need. Our totes are all used every day. We use them for groceries, camping, beach trips and everything else. Boat and Totes are a must-have for anyone who wants to go camping, grocery shopping, or anything else. There is nothing like it.”

L.L. Bean customer said, “These totes are awesome!” Bean Customer raved: “These totes were awesome. For years, we’ve used them as beach bags. They can be washed. Two were given to me as gifts, one with monograms.

“Tough & lasts forever…….our 1st one as gift is being used still after years & years,” someone said.

An additional shopper commented, “Looks exactly like I wanted it too, and got through mail very fast!”

L.L. Bean fans review, “Have used this Boat and Tote over the years — strong, clean design — nearly indestructible.” A monogrammed version was ordered recently for my new grandpup as an overnight bag. This was a huge hit with my new parents.

One person said, “The bags have been of consistent quality over the years.” These bags are great baby gifts. Parents love them. They can be used for many years.

One customer reviewed, “This tote is very sturdy.” This is my 30th anniversary tote. I still have it in good condition. This is my dog’s tote. It is very elegant that I monogram his name.