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These are some of the most effective shower steamers that I have ever used. They are usually too weak or melt quickly for me to enjoy. You can also buy them at the shop, but they are much larger. They are roughly the size of a hockey puck. The one I used lasted the entire time and smelled great even when it was over. They are hands down the best steamers for showers. These are the best shower steamers I have ever used.

I recently moved in to a new apartment without a bathtub. After work, I usually unwind with a soak in a tub and a warm bath. But now it is impossible. These shower soothers are great for relaxing and unwinding. I will continue using them and plan to buy more! It’s adorable how small they are! They are adorable and I cannot wait to get home from work every day to use them. I love the lavender one!

These are my favorite. This scent is powerful but not too strong. Fake fragrances are something that I don’t mind. They are great because I can’t take a bath.

The scents are pleasant and not overwhelming. They come in a range of scents and are clearly labeled. You don’t have to stick with the same scents in a single box. These are wonderful! “Thank you!”

“I was delighted to see the bath bombs idea applied to showers. I love showers. These bombs exceeded my expectations in that they lasted the length of my shower, made the air smell delightful, and a couple of days later my husband asked, ‘Why does the bathroom smell so good?’ They were all pleasant and natural, but not too overwhelming. Although I’ve finished the entire box, it still smells great and I don’t want to throw it away. These were so good that I purchased a second one.