What do actual Amazon customers think about the shorts? These reviews will help you decide. 

They are amazing. They are great for wearing under skirts when it is warmer to prevent thigh sweating, which can be a problem even in very small children. 

“I live in Phoenix where your goal in summer is to stay cool. I wear mostly cotton skirts and dresses to keep the air flowing, but I always hated thigh sweat or sitting and having your thighs stick together. So I tried these and oh my goodness — BEST thing ever! These are super soft and comfortable and will keep you cool and dry. You won’t get rolled up.

They are so great! These are great for summer wear underneath dresses, to prevent chubb rubs and to cover leggings which can sometimes be a little too see-through. I will be ordering more (probably in black), though the flesh color ones are great under summer dresses and less obvious than black. They are cool in heat and don’t make you feel over-layered. Love, love, love!”

They are the summer staples that I wear underneath dresses and t-shirts around the house. They prevent the terrible thigh ‘chubrub’ skin friction chaffing.

These are my favorite underpants to wear underneath a summer dress. All other underpants I have tried made me sweat. These don’t. These are extremely comfortable and breathable. They are so comfortable and breathable that I love them!

They are just right for wearing with skirts/dresses. The fit is perfect. They stretch perfectly and keep me dry, cool and dry. My mom wore something like these back in the 1960s and I laughed at them, but now I think these are pretty dandy and the perfect undies for a hot summer day.”

“Comfortable, lightweight, cotton bike shorts. They were what I wanted and they are perfect. They can be worn as PJs or layered under skirts. They provide extra coverage, but are not too warm.