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I haven’t been reviewing products for a while, but the purse is a great buy. Given the price, my expectations weren’t too high. A purse that is not too large but not too small for traveling has been what I was looking for. The one I found is just what I needed. Photos don’t do the item justice. The material is strong and durable. It has so far been wonderful. It is my favorite thing about it!” 

I love this wristlet. It seems to be a great value for money. I love the range of colors. I am planning to order more and to share the product link with multiple friends.

“Just bought the third color. They are small and perfect for crossbody. You can easily tuck the shoulder strap inside and it is also removable. You can remove the wrist strap and attach all straps with claw clips. This bracelet has beautiful yellow gold accents, which I like because they match well with my other jewelry. It fits my iPhone 12 Pro Max perfectly. They were great and I purchased three more colors.

This bag was highly recommended by many people. I bought it after reading positive feedback. And boy, am I glad I did. For weddings, I had been looking for a smaller clutch and I already own a pair of similar shoes. This hardware is quite nice. It doesn’t feel fragile or easy to bend. Zipper feels sturdy and opens easily. The two zipper handles have some weight to it, which really surprised me because I was expecting this cheap feeling material. It comes with a wrist band, which I really like. This bag has the ideal size. You can fit everything in it, yet not be too heavy to carry around a large clutch. It’s a bag I absolutely love and that is worth the money.

If you are thinking of getting this purse, get it! This purse is perfect and well worth the money. Everything arrived on time. It came on time and I am looking forward to trying other colors.”