You might be wondering why so many people love this MAC lipstick.

We have compiled a list of glowing 5 star reviews submitted by MAC buyers.

“I have medium skin tones. I’m half black, half Asian. Chili looks great against my skin. Even after eating or drinking, the lipstick remains on. If I have to apply another layer, it reapplies easily. A MAC customer stated that it is a great product. 

Another said that she loved the color. It’s a perfect mix of brick and an orange tone.

Someone else shared, “Chili was recommended to me by the store worker in mac Glasgow, as I have fiery copper hair and it goes perfect with my hair and skin tone not too light not too dark , it also is very moisturising as I find matte lipsticks to be dry on my lips this one isn’t,also lasts a good 10 hours.”

One fan said that the shade was her favorite lip color. Chili is my favorite lip color!! Red lipstick is my favorite lip color! The color isn’t too bright but it does look red/brown/orange. It blends well with my skin and is very flattering. I’m amazed it didn’t take me so long to test it. Anyone who thinks this will not look great on them, I highly recommend it. It’ll look great! It makes you feel more confident and put on quickly. I love it!

A MAC shopper reviewed, “I was gifted a set of lipsticks and discovered chili. It’s my favourite, flattering on all skin types and it stays put throughout the day. It’s amazing even with some balm!

“They are always with me, and I love them. Chili was the very first lipstick that my mother allowed me to wear in 1993. It has a special spot in my heart,” a long-time MAC shopper stated.