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Before I made the final decision to buy a knife, I did extensive research to find affordable options that were also attractive. And boy was it worth the effort! These are amazing! I have not yet had to use the sharpener, though it’s recommended for those who use them regularly. Nothing but positive things can be said. Do not be discouraged if doubts arise. Don’t hesitate to try it. You’ll love it on your counter! Take the leap!

This set was a gift for my dad, who is the main cook at our home. This set was loved by my dad and I am glad that I bought it. It gives it a sleek, modern look that is well worth the cost.

This gift was a great present for Father’s Day. Each piece was sharp. There are no defects or problems with this product. It is a great product. Looks great, works great!”

It’s a nice looking set of knives, and they work well. While the knife holder is small in size, it keeps them very close at hand. This set works well if you have limited counter space but aren’t willing to dig through drawers to locate a knife. “I would buy the product again!

The knives are very sharp and came in a minimalist package. They also have good quality. The knives were sharp, and there is a maintenance and after-use setting. It was very cool. These pizza and cheese knives are the real stars. Before I found this stand, I didn’t realize how difficult it was to cut cheese. It is made of strong plastic, and it works very well. Although I would prefer wood, it is just me. However the stand looks great and doesn’t seem too large considering what you get. This is a great option if you are considering buying the whole set.

“This knife set is by far the most sharp I have owned. It matches my kitchen appliances and is unique. Home Hero has hit the jackpot with this unique holder!