7. However, Goldblum said that his character almost was cut out of the film. 

Steven told me that he’d read the book fast in preparation. “There’s an idea to blend the two characters. To absorb your character into Sam Neill,” he explained. “I said, ‘Well, geez. It’s a shame. “I might even have advocated for it on the spot. I returned to find that I was a part of the process.”

8. Christina RicciLex Murphy was being considered, but Ariana RichardsThe unusual reason Richardson won the role was that he had never heard of it before. “I was called into a casting office, and they just wanted me to scream,” Richardson shared. Later, I heard that Steven had taped a number of girls that day and that Steven was looking for screamers. Richardson shared that he was the one to wake his wife up and that she ran through the hall in search of the children.

9. The audition for Spielberg in 1991 was unsuccessful. HookHe was told that he was too young. Joseph Mazzello was cast as Tim after the director vowed to get him in another movie. It was not only a promise that he would keep, but it also made the movie one of Hollywood’s biggest box office hits. Mazzello said. “That is a very good trade.”