You don’t necessarily have to believe what we say. This slicer has received thousands of positive reviews.

One shopper explained, “I like avocados. They are messy, hazardous, and painful to open. I didn’t buy them nearly as much as I would have liked. This is no longer the case! The plastic knife is now a must-have (no more accidents! To the handy scooper, which is such a time-saverThis little device is worth all the space it takes up in your utensil drawer. My only problem was the fact that it does not work with smaller avocados that were not evenly halved. However, it will work well on larger ones as well as those that are properly halved. I highly recommend it!

Amazon customer said, “I absolutely love my avocado slicer!” This tool does it all: It cuts the avocado in half and removes the seeds. The avocado is then cut in perfectly sliced slices. This tool is superior to all other tools I’ve used, but it beats them all! It is a must-have!”

An additional reviewer stated, “L-O–V-E it!” The pit removal is worth the cost. Other functions are just bonuses.

An avid user said, “I purchased this avocado tool both for my own use and as gifts for friends and family.” OXO tools are hands-down the most durable and reliable on the market. To be completely honest, I’m not sure how avocados can be eaten without this tool.

A fan said that the slicer was “Avocado?” Yes, Please! This is a great tool. This tool is very easy to use. It works great for pit removal. Just push on the pit, give it a twist and the pit will pop out. Slicer is what makes this the best. It makes beautiful slices that make a wonderful presentation. (See attached photo of slices. Ok, only one side turned out perfectly, so I sort of chewed up the other). This tool can be used to extract any fruits from the skin. “I am so happy that I purchased this tool.”

Another enthusiastic reviewer, titled “DO IT”, said that the tool was “amazing!” This tool is a great idea! This amazing tool is fantastic, especially since I live in SoCal. Plastic, but sharp. It cuts right through skin and makes it look like butter. Flip it over and then push the button. Push the pit out, and push it into the trash can. This means that you don’t have to risk your life by dangerously opening the pit with a sharp knife or trying to remove it. Flip the tool upside down and slide the knife from the top to the bottom. Love OXO and this!