Taking care of the lawn is one of the least fun things about being a homeowner. Lawn care services are great, but they’re not all the same. Let us take a very close look at five things to consider when hiring commercial lawn care service.

1. Reputation

To start things off, the reputation of a lawn care service is very important. If previous clients haven’t had a good experience, you should likely stay away as well. Online review sites can give you a good idea of the reputation of the company. In addition to starred reviews, look for comments with personal stories. You can easily relate to some of these lawns. If your lawn is a backyard, read a couple of backyard stories. If your lawn is angled at a slope, read reviews to see how the company deals with these tricky surfaces. When all signs are a go, you can be confident that you’ve selected the right service.

2. Equipment maintenance

Next in line, try to find out how these lawn care services maintain their equipment. If they have good maintenance practices, it’s a good sign that this is a service you can trust. In addition, these pieces of equipment will be running over your lawn. If the lawnmower is leaking gas or oil onto your grass, it’s really not beneficial for the environment. You have every right to expect efficient equipment that won’t cause any permanent damage. Luckily there are also environment friendly alternatives like corded lawn mowers which run on electricity. Moreover, ask how they bring the equipment to your property. Do you need to be home at the time? Will they have to walk through your garden? Lawn equipment can be heavy and unwieldy, so consider whether there is a direct path to your yard.

3. License

In the grand scheme of things, a license is very important for a lawn care service. This certificate shows that they are qualified to do the job and adhere to industry standards. Although unlicensed services can be just as good, you can rest assured that a licensed service will meet all of your needs. Visit the company’s website to see if they have a license and by what organization.

4. Contract

Some lawn care services require that the work be done via a contract. If you are looking for a one time service, this won’t be ideal for you. On the other hand, if you’ve moved to a new property and want to schedule appointments for months to come, a contract is perfect for your situation. Inquire whether a contract is something that can be negotiated. At the very least, it will put some regularity into a task that isn’t always regulated.

5. Customer service

Last but not least, customer service is super important when it comes to lawn care. It’s not all about whether your grass ends up short or long. If a company provides you with terrific customer service, it’s an incentive to stick with them through thick and thin. Lawn care workers don’t always get it right the first time, but if the business apologizes and offers something in return, it shows integrity. Some lawn care companies like TruGreen Lawn even offer a guarantee so if you’re not satisfied, they’ll work on your lawn until you are. You deserve to be treated well, and you should prioritize that treat you like a valued customer.


When all is said and done, these are a couple of things to consider when hiring commercial lawn care service. Understandably, you want nothing but the best for your lawn. Choose a service wisely and bring your lawn into its best shape ever.