The addition of furniture and fixtures is at the moment a popular bathroom design trend. Interestingly, we would be talking about chairs and desks if there was vast space available in most bathrooms. But since that is not the case, the trendy additions are bathroom cabinets which bring in a new look and feel thanks to their versatility.  The cabinets can serve as decorative additions while also being storage options that help keep the bathroom looking organized.

So, if you are thinking of upgrading your bathroom, then add cabinets in your plans for your upcoming bathroom remodeling project. Keep in mind that you need to buy the best pieces that suit your bathroom and meet your needs and expectation. With that in mind, below are some hot tips worth considering when purchasing bathroom cabinets.

What to choose

When it comes to choice of cabinets for the bathroom, there is a host of different options available with influential factors such as the design of cabinets, door styles, materials used and storage capacity having an instrumental role in the decision making. For instance, the mirrored cabinet is a popular choice since it is a multi-functional piece. The models that are inclusive of shaver sockets are also another trendy option. So, how the cabinet look and if it meets your needs and preference will determine what to get for your bathroom.

Where to install

Where to install the cabinets is an essential factor worth some long thought. For example, a freestanding cabinet can go into a corner or a vacant wall space, whereas a wall hug cabinet can be installed above the sink. If the bathroom has a huge window and you are thinking of installing a mirrored cabinet, then it should not be fixed facing the window. You should have it adjacent to the window so that you can make use of the natural light when in front of the mirror.

Consider the storage capacity

Besides adding a decorative touch to the room, the purpose of installing bathroom cabinets is to have storage space for your bathroom essential rather than having them cluttered around the basin and tub. Therefore, you should consider the various products and items you use every day in the bathroom and find a cabinet that is big enough to accommodate your essentials. It should be of the ideal size, not too massive and restricting space.  As such, have accurate measurements of your bathroom space to know the size of cabinetry to purchase and install.

Access to the power supply

For cabinets that have electrical features such as LED lights and shaver sockets, it is wise to install them at a section that is close to the power supply. The electrical wiring should be well insulated given the wet conditions of the bathroom, and a professional installer should do it.

Access to The Cabinets

What you pick should be easy to access with the door not hitting any adjacent vanities when swung open. Also, the placement of the cabinets should limit access by children.

Let the design do the talking

Design options range from circular cabinetry that exudes a bold statement by acting as a focal centerpiece in a large bathroom to the compact models that have a minimalistic feel that makes them ideal for a small bathroom. What you choose should make a statement and thus the need to let the cabinet design do all the talking.