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First, claw clips, sweater vests and mini Ugg boots made their comeback and we were more than alright with it. It was something we loved. Now, however, we’re not sure if the thin, 90-degree brow trend is going to end. It was a popular trend that has barely been rediscovered by our eyebrows!

This year’s top brow trend will suit anyone, regardless of whether they are trying to regrow their eyebrows following decades of over-plucking.

Although thin brows may be back in style, they’re not the same thin brows that we remember from 90’s icons such as “Thin Brows”. Drew BarrymoreOr Gwen Stefani circa ‘95,” Benefit Cosmetics Global Brow Expert Jared Bailey explains. We’ve gained a lot of knowledge since that time. We have learned that your brows are a way to balance the proportions of your face and eyes. The brow today is still dense and has texture, even though it’s thinner. The shape of today’s brows has changed in width but filling them is still important. They are an essential anchor and block out any changes to the proportions. 

To help you get the look, here are our picks of the best brow pencils.